Thursday, February 4, 2010


Welcome. This blog is to provide insight and analysis for the four major professional sports: baseball, hockey, football and basketball.

I've been crunching numbers in sports since 1995 and have developed my own original techniques and strategies used for predicting outcomes to sporting events. I am not aware of another analyst using the exact same style and techniques that I have learned over years of trial and error. I've devoted my professional life to sports analysis and my commitment and work ethic are reflected in the results.

Most "cappers" focus on one or two sports. Very few can successfully navigate their way through the four majors and do it year after year. The key is having a knack or understanding of how statistical analysis works differently in each sport in the first place, but also having the passion and dedication to put in the amount of work necessary to achieve success. Numbers aren't exciting to most people, understandably, but yet they are used in just about every facet of life and can be very powerful if used properly. I'm a born number freak and have been a sports nut since I was 7 years old. Since numbers and sports are naturally related, I've been growing that passion and knowledge ever since.